Truck / HGV, Van & Tractor Remapping

Carrying a heavy load and need more power?
Want to increase your fuel efficiency?  

  • One of our custom remaps on your truck it will gain around 20% more BHP & Torque, all whilst improving fuel economy by 8-15% dependent on the model. This will save a small fortune in fuel
  • Our Hgv / Truck remapping service is UK wide. We work around you at a time and place that suits you.
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee.

Commercial truck / HGV remapping provides:

  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • A wider power band
  • Greater load carrying ability
  • Additional Power & Torque
  • Reduced Turbo Lag

Commercial Vehicles including Van, Trucks & Tractors respond extremely well to remapping. DD Remapping can tune your commercial vehicles for both economy, power.

Commercial vehicles tuned for economy provide a fast return on investment due to their higher annual mileage and our custom remapping software allow’s us to tailor the map to your exact requirements.

The tuning of commercial vehicles is not just about the additional power, torque, driveability and BHP that can be delivered, which can be considerable, but with the correct engine ECU remap very significant improvements in fuel consumption can also be achieved.

All commercial vehicles can be tuned to deliver considerable extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, mid range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly increasing MPG return and driving pleasure. Most trucks can be tuned including the Mercedes HGV range, DAF Tuning, Volvo and Scania tuning, as well as MAN amongst others.

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