Here at DD Remapping we have found over the last few years that many customers with stock or even lightly modified road bikes have asked us to solve certain issues for them. Most of these can be traced to the Euro 3 legislation,  all modern motorcycles are fitted with emission and noise controls these effectively handicap power output and hinder power delivery, in one way or another.

The equipment we have allows us to ‘talk’ directly to the bikes ECU and make changes – including switching off the Lambda sensor (which manages the fuelling to safeguard the exhaust catalyzer and reduce emissions). Lambdas also contribute to on/off throttle snatchiness at low rpm this is thanks to the lean running condition that they create.

Many bikes have ‘noise flaps’ fitted in the exhaust, which only open at higher rpm. These too can cause issues in power delivery and we can also turn these off, as well as dealing with any restrictions the manufacturer has built in through the lower gears (the Ducati Streetfighter, for example is restricted to 60% of its full power in first, second and third).

Essentially, our ECU Remapping service delivers a bike engine as the manufacturer designed it original

manufacturers – in time. The stock, original map is kept securely on file.

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