DD Remapping - Custom ecu remapping
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DD Remapping - Custom ecu remapping
   Included – 
  • 1 Brand new Bitbox Remapping Tool With E & F Series BMW MG1/MD1 Protocols
  • Tactrix 
  • Bmw Enet Cable 
  • OBDII Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Full Support 
  • Free advertising on our dealer page

Custom dealer portal to upload your files online, receive an sms when your file is done and automatic invoicing

 Who Writes the tuning files? 
All Tuning files are Developed an tested at the DD remapping HQ in sheffield where we have A Dynocom 5000 AWD dyno and our HQ is where all the training is done on how to use the Dimsport genius if needed!
 You will also receive full support from us by phone,email,text message, skype and teamviewer.
 Also we have a Facebook page where other dealers are always there to help too meaning your never left on your own if help is needed                                          
Files price are – 
  Delete files like EGR,DPF,DTC,Vmax,Lambda off,Flaps ect cost £60 
Stage 1,2,3 or Eco tune is £80 and any deletes can be added free of charge  
 When you send us a file to be tuned we will return it to you within 30 minutes to 1 hours. 
Files are available 7 days a week. 
We have over 185+ dealers arcoss the UK and europe    
 You will receive support from us for life
DD Remapping - Custom ecu remapping